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Press Release – Florida Paranormal Society – Connecting with Florida’s Past

415px-USCGC-Blackthorn-WLB-391FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tampa, FL – January 28, 2014-01-28

Contact: Evan Pedone

Email: info@floridaparanormalsociety.com

Website: www.floridaparanormalsociety.com

The Florida Paranormal Society investigates the unfortunate history of The Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Paranormal activity is more than a cinema movie or a television show; it is what seems to be lurking in the waters of Tampa Bay, Florida. On January 28th 2014 marked the 34th Anniversary of the collision of the USCG Blackthorn and the SS Capricorn, which resulted in the deaths of 23 crewmen.

The Florida Paranormal Society went on an expedition on the Anniversary, to explore any possible paranormal activity of the fatal incident. Founders, Evan and Ashley Pedone led the Team on the investigation that not only found possible visual proof but also potential audible proof that spirits still inhabit the waters that claimed so many lives.

The Florida Paranormal Society has also ventured into Myakka River State Park on a quest to find proof of a possible Bigfoot sighted there in the recent past. The Society, or FPS, intends to incorporate such extraordinary locations within the state of Florida in their expeditions. They believe that Florida is a Hot Spot for activity, and in addition, investigations offer a chance to explore some of Florida’s beautiful and historic locations. Each of their expeditions is recorded in a documentary style video which can be viewed from their website.

Founders, Evan and Ashley have history as well as careers in video and photography. Ashley got her start in photojournalism having graduated from the University of Florida, and working for New York Times subsidiaries. Evan’s background is in independent film, reality television, and documentaries. The couple continues their passion for photography, now with a new addition in capturing milestones, in paranormal activity.

FPS is scheduling their next expeditions and hope to get their documentaries circulating so that others interested in paranormal get the chance to participate in the thrill of exploration.

To interview founder, Evan Pedone, please contact Info@floridaparanormalsociety.com

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